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Our Approach

On choosing chapter 2:
"We provide a combination of people, process and technology. Our scalable solution is generally as competitive as the market rate for just buying an embedded team."
Leo Harrison - Founder of Chapter 2

The Evolution of
Talent Acquisition

We are evolving the RPO model. Chapter 2 combines the pace and flexibility of an agency with the cultural understanding of an in-house team. Our approach combines specialist embedded talent partners, licenses to market leading technology and a detailed employer brand strategy that will set your business up for success. Chapter 2 tailor a bespoke solution for you, whether we provide support to your existing team or manage the end-to-end process.

A Fully Scalable Talent Solution

Our solution doesn’t stay still and scales up or down when you need it to. We provide embedded talent partners for any area of your business, consistently staying ahead of the curve. When you say “jump”, we ask “how high?”

Your talent needs
In House Recruitment
Talent Partners

Average reduction in cost per hire


Average yearly total hires

3 weeks

time to hire


DE&I metric

Industry Recognition

The Firm Award 2022
Hustle Awards 2022
IHR Awards 2022

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