Octopus Investments

Re-defining Octopus Investments

The flourishing relationship between Chapter 2 and Octopus Investments has been extended for a further 15 months after an initial 3-month contract to help with a short-term peak in sales recruitment activity. Prior to working with Chapter 2, Octopus Investments struggled to secure top talent in a highly competitive market. Business growth was stunted without accurate data insights that identified where the best talent was. The Octopus Group is filled with many sub-brands, including the successful Octopus Energy. The struggle for Octopus Investments lay in an inconsistent social media presence, making them indistinguishable for potential candidates.

The Results

Leveraging our tech stack, Chapter 2 introduced Cord at a discounted cost of £6,000 over 6 months. Data from Horsefly enabled simpler yet effective searches for competitive roles such as Cloud Infrastructure Engineer. By removing ‘cloud’ from the job title, and ‘azure’ from the skill set section, a wider talent pool was immediately attracted. Chapter 2 now identify talent across the technology, marketing and change functions and contribute to the wider success and ongoing development of the recruitment function at Octopus Investments. Chapter 2 provided Personal Branding workshops for Hiring Managers, offering templates for LinkedIn hiring posts that increased direct responses for advertised roles. Branded social media assets were created for LinkedIn to differentiate Octopus Investments from The Octopus Group, also enhancing their Employer Brand to emphasise their B Corp status. On the strength of this collaboration, we were also shortlisted as a finalist at the 2022 FIRM Awards in the category of Best Supplier Partnership.

"Chapter 2 came in quickly and delivered with the additional tools, resources and process improvements they have- it's been brilliant."
Charlotte Curley - Octopus Investments Recruitment Operations Manager

Hiring Targets Met


Reduction in time to hire for senior roles including .Net Developer


Applicant increase in 2 weeks for Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

The figures

Charlotte Curley - Octopus Investments Recruitment Operations Manager