Collinson Career Conundrum

Prior to working with Chapter 2, Collinson had a small, in-house talent team and relied on external agencies charging 15-18% in commission per hire. With a new COVID-19 testing site offering in multiple airports, Collinson needed cost effective recruitment and hiring time reductions. At this time the candidate experience was negatively impacted by low employer brand awareness. Their careers site was disengaging and unauthentic, filled with stock imagery. It failed to show off the amazing people behind the brand.

The Results

Chapter 2 mobilised a team within 24 hours of arriving and provided shortlists on open roles within 5 days. Through this collaboration, Collinson successfully implemented a rapid-scale airport testing recruitment project, delivering 407 nurses for airport testing lounges across 8 locations in just 8 weeks. The team has expanded to own all BAU and airport testing site roles, with eight recruiters located across London and Johannesburg. With our Employer Branding project, we worked closely with Dani Saadu, Global Talent Director to deliver a revamped careers site that attracted 30,700 views that month (Dec 2021). The site was filled with engaging content creation including a main hero film and 10 individual staff spotlight films covering various topics including life at Collinson, diversity, and tech initiatives. These films increased engagement with the careers site as well as offering realistic insights for the candidate about Collinson’s culture and values.

"Chapter 2 were talking about recruitment having more of a marketing spin. As a result of our first Employer Branding campaign with C2, the traffic we have to our careers website has gone up by 40%."
Dani Saadu - Global Director of Talent at Collinson

The figures

  • 191% YoY increase in careers site visitors
  • 83% YoY reduction in average time to hire
  • 61% YoY reduction in time in inbox
  • 196% YoY increase in direct candidate applications
  • 41.6% YoY cost saving via Chapter 2

Collinson - Our future is in your hands

Dani Saadu - Global Director of Talent at Collinson