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We embed highly experienced talent partners who know how to engage, attract and acquire top talent. Embedded talent partners manage the end-to-end process to achieve the best results, far beyond just sourcing. We hand-pick talent partners and immerse them deeply within your business for an immediate and long-term talent pool. These close and collaborative relationships are destined for success.

Alongside our embedded talent partners across Europe, you will have access to our Global Talent hub based in South Africa. Tapped into European markets, time zones and our technology stack, they are a highly experienced, skilled and motivated Talent Acquisition team that focus on top of funnel sourcing for embedded talent teams based in Europe.

What our clients say:
"Chapter 2 came in, our talent partner embedded within the team and just started delivering."
Charlotte Curley - Recruitment Operations Manager at Octopus Investments

A Fully Scalable Talent Solution

Our solution doesn’t stay still and scales up or down when you need it to. We provide embedded talent partners for any area of your business, consistently staying ahead of the curve. When you say “jump”, we ask “how high?”

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