A High Growth Strategy for Global Transformation

The Problem  

Investec was embarking on a global business transformation that included high levels of growth across technology and sales roles to their global centres in South Africa and India. They needed an agile talent solution that could grow alongside their business at pace, one that strategically targeted specific skill sets.  

The Solution

Chapter 2 built our strategy around a direct sourcing model, using our scalable resourcing specialists. We used a combination of content and technology to directly source and secure high-quality candidates for Investec, with a particular focus on the skills required by the business to achieve their future commercial goals.  

The Results

Chapter 2 launched a multi-jurisdiction RPO & MSP solution, improving the pace and quality of hire to guarantee Investec have achieved their growth targets:  

RPO Solution;  

  • Annual savings - £1.3M   
  • Direct fill rate 2023 – 93% / Direct fill rate 2024 to date – 100%  
  • Cost per hire - £3.8k   

Commercial roles including marketing & sales:  

  • Direct fill rate – 96%  
  • Cost per hire - £4,056k  

MSP Solution;  

  • Delivering all IR35 status assessments via our insurance backed partner, Kingsbridge.   
  • Direct fill rate 2023 – 95%   
  • Cost saving TD - £550k