An Augmented and Scalable RPO Partner

The Problem  

GallifordTry needed integrated talent solutions across their national highways, buildings, and environmental business units. They were also looking for significant cost savings on their talent solutions.  

The Solution  

As an augmented and scalable RPO partner, we delivered an end-to-end process, supported by our dedicated global sourcing hub. Chapter 2 turned talent acquisition from a transactional function to a strategic function, enhanced by our candidate conversion content strategy. Ultimately, we created a recruitment solution that delivered faster and smarter, with significant cost savings.  

The Results

  • 82% Reduction in agency spend across Design and Engineering Divisions  
  • Cost avoidance in 2023 - £4.5 Million  
  • 800 Hires in 2023 (Based on a scaling team of 3-6)  
  • 128 New hires made in 2023 following the specific implementation of Chapter 2’s technology – Sourcebreaker  
  • 65% Reduction in offer declines following an improved candidate experience  
  • 46% Total reduction in agency spend in 2023