Talent-Ed | Sophie talks with Lorenzo Spina, Head of Talent at Peak

Talent-Ed | Season 2 Episode 4
August 9, 2021
Talent-Ed | Sophie talks with Lorenzo Spina, Head of Talent at Peak

The Talent-Ed podcast provides in depth guidance for ambitious business leaders who know the right talent attraction strategy is key to welcoming brilliant people into your business.

Welcome to season 2, episode 4 of the Talent-Ed podcast. Today, our host Sophie Rigby chats to Lorenzo Spina, Head of Talent at Peak. Peak is a fast-growing organisation that’s making great headway in a brand new category of AI technology: Decision Intelligence.

Sophie and Lorenzo discuss what it’s like recruiting for a rapidly scaling business, the challenges of hiring in different regions, and how they maintain their company values while growing the business. Lorenzo offers insight into how an organisation can use digital tools to improve their employer brand when hiring new employees. Listen now and find out: ✔️Peak's approach to D&I. ✔️Peak's strategy behind keeping mission and values aligned whilst experiencing rapid growth. ✔️How Peak adapt their recruitment model for different regions.✔️How to stand out to the best talent in a hyper-competitive candidate market.

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