Talent-Ed | Sophie talks with Will Beaton, Head of People at MyTutor

Talent-Ed | Season 2 Episode 3
June 29, 2021
Talent-Ed | Sophie talks with Will Beaton, Head of People at MyTutor

The Talent-Ed podcast provides in depth guidance for ambitious business leaders who know the right talent attraction strategy is key to welcoming brilliant people into your business.

In episode 3 of season 2, Will Beaton, Head of People at MyTutor, tells host Sophie Rigby about his experiences recruiting at scale in the Ed-Tech sector.MyTutor is an online platform that connects pupils and parents with trusted, high quality tutors. Driven by an increased demand for online learning, MyTutor has tripled in size over the last year, taking the business to a team of 150 employees.

We discuss the challenges of creating culture during growth, hiring processes and how they change at scale, the future of flexible working and MyTutor’s ambitious plans to scale further.Listen now and find out: ✔️ How start-ups can build culture into their hiring process. ✔️ How to evolve your hiring strategy at scale. ✔️ Why it’s important to maintain good candidate experience during periods of growth.

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