Talent-Ed | Tips, tricks and expert opinion in talent solutions with Nikki Keys

Talent-Ed | Season 2 Episode 1:
May 6, 2021
Talent-Ed | Tips, tricks and expert opinion in talent solutions with Nikki Keys

The Talent-Ed podcast provides in depth guidance for ambitious business leaders who know the right talent attraction strategy is key to welcoming brilliant people into your business.

In the first episode of season 2, Sophie Rigby sat down with Nikki Keys, Director of Customer Success at Capdesk, to discuss the ins and outs of startup life.Capdesk is Europe’s #1 equity management platform, helping organisations save time, money and resources by unlocking the power of equity, and uniting employees, owners, and investors through shared successes.

We go on a deep dive into what you need to think about when you’re scaling a business, how to make sure your team doesn’t lose what made it special in the first place, and where your people fit into your growth strategy (spoiler alert: they should be at the very centre of it!).Including:✔️ What’s more important to hire for: skills and experience, or attitude?✔️ How do you support your people AND preserve your culture as your business grows?✔️ What’s the most valuable advice for founders at the beginning of their journey?Listen to their engaging conversation in this latest podcast.

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