Talent-Ed | Tips, tricks and expert opinion in recruitment marketing with Melanie Punch

Talent-Ed | Episode 6
April 8, 2021
Talent-Ed | Tips, tricks and expert opinion in recruitment marketing with Melanie Punch

In the latest episode of the Chapter 2 Talent-Ed podcast, we delve deep into the varied and evolving types of talent acquisition models prevalent in the recruitment industry.

Our guest, Melanie Punch, is the Head of Careers at Investec Plc, an ‘out of the ordinary’ Bank and Wealth Manager with offices across the UK, US, Asia and Africa. Having joined the business 4 years ago to head up recruitment, Mel now looks after Recruitment, People and Talent Consulting and Employee Relations driving a smoother candidate and employee experience. Throughout her career Mel has worked in a number of different industries including Retail, Communications, Start-up, Professional and Financial Services.

Chapter 2 Founder, Leo Harrison, Sophie Rigby - and Melanie discuss the prospect of a new hybrid talent solution, as well the importance of flexibility to address acquisition issues, the benefits of having your own team, and how best to smooth client and candidate experiences with agencies.Including:✔️ How elasticity is key to building scalable embedded talent solutions✔️ Whether it’s more cost effective to have your own talent acquisition team at the start of your growth journey?✔️ Why a good recruitment partner gets under the skin of your business and respects the process✔️ How classic talent acquisition models need to evolve into hybrid talent solutionsListen to their engaging conversation in this latest podcast.

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