Talent-Ed | OLIVER Agency’s Amina Folarin

Talent-Ed | Episode 4
September 21, 2020
Talent-Ed | OLIVER Agency’s Amina Folarin

In episode four of Talent-Ed, Leo talks to Amina Folarin, OLIVER Agency’s Global HR Director.

Amina Folarin is the global HR director at OLIVER Agency.With over ten years experience in the talent space, Amina has worked for some of the UK’s best known media brands, including ITV and the Metro.She has led the HR function at OLIVER for the past four years, and was an integral part of the company’s rapid expansion, helping us to open offices in twenty seven countries around the globe.In this podcast, Amina explains Oliver’s recruitment strategy in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, why effective employer brand content doesn’t have to be overly complicated or produced, and why hiring managers need to look beyond job descriptions when filling roles.

Leo and Amina discuss:

  • Cutting through social media (06:33)
  • Modern relevance of career sites (12:40)
  • Using tech to unlock the power of a people strategy (18:38)
  • What an effective business partner relationship looks like (26:20)

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