Rules of Engagement: Thriving in today’s talent market

December 8, 2021
Rules of Engagement: Thriving in today’s talent market

The talent pool is running empty.Hiring challenges are only exacerbated by factors like Covid-19 and Brexit. It’s time to get to work and engage the next generation of tech talent.

Our recent webinar event was a roaring success, with insightful takes on our biggest industry challenges. Peek behind the headlines and join a conversation worth having with the Chapter 2 webinar.Co-hosts Leo Harrison and Sophie Rigby bring industry leaders together to discuss the challenges we’ve all been facing and offer useful insights and a way forward.Guest speakers Dani Saadu, Global Director of Talent at Collinson, and Lucy Hegarty, Global Head of Early Recruitment at GSK join us in discussing the importance of working smart with your tech stack, making the most of your brand’s hidden advantages, and knowing when it’s time for a graceful goodbye.An interactive, long overdue deep-dive into the reality of recruitment, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Here are the key highlights we discussed. :

✔ The great resignation: How will your company leverage its brand to retain your best people? And how do you handle things when retention isn’t an option?

✔ Navigating counter-offers: As competition grows, so do counter-offers. We discuss the pros and cons of the practice and consider ways you can avoid it altogether.

✔ Building an effective tech stack: Is your tech doing what you need from it? And do you know how to tell the difference between a good set of tools and a bad one?

✔ Planning ahead in times of panic: It’s not easy planning for a successful 2022 when you can hardly keep up with today’s challenges. What are our go-to techniques to ensure a smooth planning process?

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