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Dedicated, Scalable, Transparent Talent teams.

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What is Chapter 2?

Our dedicated talent agencies create pace, culture alignment, savings and results.

A talent consultancy, with 15 years experience in the digital and advertising industry, building in-house agencies for global brands.

The team at Chapter 2 are perfectly equipped to help you attract and acquire, while reducing your cost of talent acquisition.

You get employer branded content, a dedicated talent agency and IR35 compliant technology, helping you navigate and focus on the companies priorities.

With over 15 years’ experience in the digital advertising industry, I became fed up with the standard approach to recruitment.

The recruitment industry isn’t broken, it just needs an upgrade.

So I’ve decided to build a solution, Chapter 2 is my next chapter. A business that gets in the trenches, takes the stress so our clients can move their business forward to add value to their clients. We serve to help brands attract and acquire talent in the product and technology sector.

My passion is to help companies grow and flourish, the digital age has increased the pace of everything, we’re here to help you maintain the pace.